Yangshuo Trip: Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces

The Guangxi province was one of the top places on our “must visit” list when we came to China. We originally aspired to take a full week in the area to visit Yangshuo’s dramatic karst landscapes, as well as the nearby Dragon’s Backbone Longsheng Rice Terraces outside of Guilin. Too many places to go to and too little time… one long weekend would have to do with just a half day in the rice terraces.


If we could go back to the rice terraces, we’d definitely want to spend the night in the small town on top of the mountain, nestled in with the rice terraces themselves. We’d also surely take pictures of the local Yao women who live here, famous for their ridiculously long hair. We met several of them, but didn’t think to take pictures. Here’s a video in case you’re interested.

Also, got my first (not last) taste of little fried fish. Tasty!

This brief and amazing trip is thanks to the expert and affordable services of Wendy Li (pictured), a local Yangshuo guide that friends had referred to us. We totally recommend Wendy Li if you’re heading to the area. Let us know if you need her contact information.

Travel date: August 3rd, 2014

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