We’re Super Lazy About Our Photos…

……So we finally decided to post ALL of the Myanmar photos to Flickr all at once.  Bruce has promised to sort them by Day-of-the-Trip albums, but for now it’s all in one big blob of photos.  We did three rounds of edits to these babies to rotate, crop, adjust and delete but we had almost 3000 photos to start.  I know there is still room for improvement in these that we’ve posted, but hey, we couldn’t wait forever…. We’d already waited for over a month!

Plus, all of my blogging time recently was dedicated to creating the (documentary-length, according to certain friends) video and discussing the finer differences between cucumbers and zucchini.  That and we have been making new friends in Chengdu, so our evenings are no longer spent solely behind the computer.  We’re actually socializing!

We hope you enjoy looking through a few, some, most, or all of these when you have a few free minutes. I also submitted one of these photos to the National Geographic 2014 photo contest.  I know it won’t win, but I thought it’d be fun to try.   Check it out here.

The banner photo above is my favorite non-Bruce-and-Emily photo of the whole trip.

Ok, maybe it’s one of my favorite photos of all time.

And I’m totally guilty of making occasional ‘edits’ to photos to make them look a tad bit nicer or fix a blemish or crop out some weirdo on the edge of the photo.  Not this one.  This is exactly how it was taken originally.  And through no talent on my end whatsoever, it turned out quite nice.

You can check them out below by flipping through the pages, or you can just go directly to the Flickr site, which probably does a better job of managing the 1200 photos.

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