The Sugar Cane Juice in Hong Kong is SWEET!

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Hong Kong Foodie Tasting Tour

We were in Hong Kong for a long weekend in January 2014 and had heard there was ‘decent’ food in the vicinity. Rather than simply trust our noses, we signed up to explore the city with the experts of Hong Kong Foodie Tasting Tours.

Our guide was Silvana and we embarked on a tongue smacking adventure with a group of ~8 at about 1:30pm. From there, we visited 5-6 venues for AMAZING foods, and got many more recommendations and tips for the duration of our stay.

The wonton – superb. The pork barbecue – thrilling. The tea tasting – heart warming.The dim sum – naturally, out of this world! And the sugar cane juice – so SWEET! (Silvana has several cups per week!) I have to say that the snake soup recommendation we followed up on later was also spot on. Snake, too, tastes like chicken.


Hong Kong can definitely be thanked for the fantastic food culture and cuisine, but without Silvana (awesome, awesome, awesome guide) and Hong Kong Foodie, we never could have tasted our way through such a fun Saturday.

We would strongly recommend Hong Kong Foodie – or most any tasting tour – to anyone who A) likes food, B) is good to walk the streets for several hours, and C) doesn’t mind learning a thing or two.

Food that is: Not Weird, Just Different, Continued…

And after the foodie tour it was time to try the snake soup (recommended) and chicken feet (I’m adventurous). I liked scorpions and I  enjoyed the curdled blood. What would be the verdict on these culinary delights?

Snake Soup: A+ – YUM – Tastes Like Chicken

Chicken feet: Chicken Cartilage? Good Flavor – Don’t Like the Boney Bits – Meh….

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