The HULK Picked Me Up in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the most vertical city in the world, and it’s striking how they’ve managed to compact so many skyscrapers into such a small space. It’s even more impressive to see they’ve done so up the slope of a mountain!

Hong Kong Island’s well known summit is Victoria Peak. You can take the Tram with most of the tourists, or you can bus, cab, or hike your way up. We took the Tram. If you do the same, make sure to get there early as a VERY long line can await you.

We did not arrive early… But we learned that if you bought the combo trolley & Madame Tussaud’s ticket, then you could skip most of the line. Totally worth it.

If you don’t know Madame Tussaud’s, it is the wax museum you can visit for pictures with all the rich, weird, and famous. I got my close ups with the likes of Michael Jackson, Xi Jingping, Saddam Hussein, and the Incredible Hulk. Emily found her time in the spotlight with Brangelina, Elvis, Muhammad Ali, and Yao Ming. We also got immortalized as Kung Fu cartoons!

Check it out!

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Nothing more need be said about Victoria Peak – the view speaks for itself (although sadly it was a very cloudy day). We hope you get a laugh from our time on the red carpet, and in the Oval Office!

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