Reflecting on my trips to parks in Houston, I think of running loops and trails at Memorial Park, watching shows at the Miller Outdoor Theatre, countless leisurely strolls walking Lou dog, as well as eating amazing grilled cheese sandwiches at the Pinewood Cafe in Hermann Park. Plus, there were always  great events like the Bayou City Arts Festival and Houston Half Marathon. I love parks! I also love the gōng yuán in China (that would be parks in Pǔtōnghuà (which is Mandarin in Mandarin Chinese)). Gōng yuán, however, seem to have multiple personalities….

Last weekend Emily and I came face to giant face with the Leshan Grand Buddha (called DaFo in Chinese), and it is the largest  stone Buddha in the world. DaFo was carved out of a mountain and clocks in at 233 feet tall (sitting) and is definitely at the top of the spiritual super heavy weight division! All our DaFo trip pics: