Suit Up in Hong Kong!

Are you going to Hong Kong? If so, you better suit up!

I’m NOT saying you need to fly uncomfortably in a 3 piece on your 15 hour flight to get there. I’m NOT saying you need to wear a bow-tie as you stroll through the Ladies Market bargaining for a new pair of red sunglasses (although I would applaud you if you did).  I’m definitely NOT saying you need to pull on your dress gown for the trolley ride to the top of Victoria Peak for your pictures with the stars at Madame Tussaud’s.

I’m saying that if you’re ever going to buy a suit, do it in Hong Kong where you can get the best damn custom suits in the world.

We stopped in to world renowned Sam‘s Tailors the morning after we arrived. It’s a small joint on the Kowloon side of the bay located in Burlington Arcade on 94 Nathan Road off the Tsim Sha Tsui red-line metro stop. You walk in to see not just a brigade of tailors working the steady handful of shoppers, but also bookshelves filled with fabrics and walls covered in pictures of movie stars and presidents in the shop getting their measurements.


You feel like you’re in good company.

You pick your materials and a tailor takes your measurements. A day later you can stop back for your first fitting. The clothing definitely isn’t done, but you get to see the process as these craftsmen build you a stunning set of business armor for your future budget meeting skirmishes. You’re going to look good!

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And if you’re a lady like Emily, you can also get a traditional Chinese dress, custom fit with the fabrics and styling of your choice.

On top of all this, Sam’s won’t wipe out your kid’s college savings. You’re not escaping for pennies on the dollar, but you will get an awesome product for pretty much the same price you’d pay for a decent suit in the US ($300-$500).

If you’re going to Hong Kong, you best suit up!


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