“OMG We Moved to China!!!”

“We moved to China!”

If you were to build a word cloud for all our conversations, the most frequent statement you’d hear and see in that word cloud would be, “We moved to China.”

Other there are little modifiers: Oh my god… (i.e.,“OMG, we moved to China!”), Holy cow,  Oh geez…, Thank god…, etc. There is a different paraphrasing for each of the emotional high, lows, sideways, and everything in between. Just an hour ago Emily said, “We’re in Beijing.” (Like, “woah we took the red pill”, no pun intended, versus just a general “whaddya know Cletus, we’re in Beijing!”)

Similar statements have also been made about learning and figuring out wordpress for this blog. 

Just a week ago we… 

  • Flew over the north pole to get here – 18 hour flying time with a break in Toronto (super nice airport by the way)
  • Arrived at our hotel with sushi and cocktails as our first meal (mojito for me, sake cocktail for her) – we also began learning the customs of the culture such as if/when to tip.
  • Began to use nǐhǎo for most of our interactions. It means “Hello!”

So nǐhǎo and welcome to our website. OMG!!!! We moved to China!!!!

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