Escape to Myanmar

In case you don't know or are too lazy to look it up on your own, here is Myanmar's place in the world.

In case you don’t know or are too lazy to look it up on your own, here is Myanmar’s place in the world.

Recently my hubs and I took a ‘trip of a lifetime’ to the SE Asian country of Myanmar (same thing as Burma).

In planning our vacation, we did just enough research on Myanmar to know roughly where we’d like to visit and what types of activities we’d like to do. We had only a few weeks to plan, so we enlisted the help of a travel company called Remote Lands, a group highly recommended by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine (and many others). Remote Lands is one of those travel companies that can plan every single detail for you, even if you want to fly by private jet or have your yacht waiting for you with a nanny, a chef, and a photographer.  We certainly didn’t get to that level of luxury, but we were looking to do a few unique activities and we wanted a private guide.  Remote Lands turned out to be an excellent choice for that style of itinerary as well.

A few emails back and forth with their SE Asia expert, Tim Russell, and we had a framework vacation planned out within less than a week.  Our decision to use the agent was three-fold: 1) we had never traveled in Asia. 2) we had only 5 weeks to plan a nine-day trip over the Chinese New Year, when a billion people travel in the region and booking early is critical. 3) we don’t speak Burmese and didn’t want to drive ourselves, since it can be pretty aggressive and we didn’t know the laws or again, the language.

Warm, perfectly turquoise waters on Ngapali Beach, Myanmar.

Warm, perfectly turquoise waters on Ngapali Beach, Myanmar.

Reflecting back on our incredible vacation, we know we made the right choice and enlisted the assistance of the right people. Tim Russell was thoughtful, responsive, creative, patient, and resourceful with planning the details of our trip. We hope you enjoy the upcoming travelogues detailing some of the highlights of our journey and if you’ve been considering a vacation to SE Asia, we hope our stories will lead you to making your way to Burma.

We’ll be posting these stories over the next few weeks as we sift through our memories and our 2700 photos from this most excellent adventure.  We’re also posting far more photos to our Flickr account, so please browse through that if you’re still wanting additional eye candy.



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