Burmese Days: Balloons Over Bagan

Balloons Over Bagan is not an experience that will leave you feeling deflated (very punny, I know).

On Day 3 of our 8 day Myanmar trek, we started early at 5am for our 5:30am bus pickup for a sunrise hot air balloon flight over the “Valley of the Hidden Temples” (as our friend Carlos Gomez described Bagan).

We arrived to coffee and cookies and soon got to know the 14 other travelers who would join us with our pilot. It was a large balloon basket – it wasn’t crowded.

After a brief set of instructions from our Australian, UK licensed, balloon engineer named Andy (I have no idea what the official title for a hot air machine pilot is), the team began to inflate the balloon for what would be a one hour flight over Bagan.

There’s not much point for me to try and describe the beauty of the area and that morning – just enjoy the pictures/videos (footage included in our Escape to Myanmar: The Empire Strikes Back trip video) and make sure you book a float over Bagan’s 3,000 temples and stupas if you visit the area.

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