Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

So we’ve been away for a few weeks…. OK, like 7.  That’s pretty crappy of us.  However, our intentions have been good and we’ve been drafting blog text on our notes apps but haven’t gotten enough self-motiviation to post any of them to the official site….

…Until now.

Are you ready?

For the massive wave of blog posts?

You may not be ready.

We have everything from Shanghai, Bruce speaking Mandarin, and the only redeeming thing about Chongqing,  to a comprehensive evaluation of the bathroom culture in China.

Our excuse, you ask? For not giving you a more constant feed of our goings on? Well, we’ve been gone a lot.  We’ve taken boatloads (if 4 qualifies as ‘boatloads’) of trips within China lately and then been slammed at work and school – catching up and getting ahead in preparation for the next adventure.  Also, we have pretty much the cutest little cat that just hangs out at home all the time while we’re gone for weekends and you know what? We feel guilty.


See, isn’t she adorable?

However, the excitement of sharing these anecdotes and stories with you has finally grown too large.

Hold on to your seats, your brain is about to get 7 weeks worth of Bruce and Emily crammed into like a day or two.  And you all know us well enough to realize that this could indeed be too much of a good thing.

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