Evie is very confused.  One day, she was napping at the Houston SPCA when two strangers walked in and decided to take her home.  She liked them right away.  They had a big house and she could snuggle in their bed at night.

Ten months of bliss and then they start buying lots of big cardboard boxes and packing everything in the house.  The boxes were fun, until they all left and Evie was brought to a newer, smaller apartment with way more scary noises than the house.  The apartment had its benefits-a bed and furniture under which she could hide and these two nice humans were still around to pet her.  But again, they pack up everything and bring her to a teeny tiny kennel with lots of other cats.

Evie did not like this and wanted her mom and dad back.  To top it all off, two weeks later, new strangers pick her up and drive her to the airport, where she is loaded onto a loud metal thing and has to sit in a boring carrier for a looooong time.  But all is well, and after three big airplane flights across the world, she is reunited with mom and dad in another new apartment high above the city below.

Evie the SUPER MAO is in China!